Results of EU survey on Eurostat guidance note “The impact of Energy Performance Contracts on government accounts” show that Eurostat rules on public debt and deficit have a negative impact on investments in energy efficiency in public sector in several EU Member States.
Fill in European survey on Eurostat guidance note "The impact of EPC´s on government accounts" here. On 7 August 2015, Eurostat published a guidance note titled "The impact of EPC´s on government...
Transparense project was presented at the European Utility Week in Vienna on 4 November 2015. The presentation "European EPC Markets and the Code of Conduct as a first step towards harmonisation and...

Trainings & workshops


In each of the 20 Transparense countries about 4 trainings have been organised between 2013-2015. More details on the national training are to be found on the national websites including the presentations.

Training materials

At our website, you can download the prepared EPC training modules and manual for EPC beginner markets in English. For national version of the training modules go to the national subsites of this webpage.

Discussion workshops

There have been trhee discussion workshops organised within Transparense focused on the develpment of EPC beginner markets.

On 15th of April 2015 we have organised a sucessful Transparense discussion workshop "How to develop EPC in beginner markets" in Sofia. Download the agenda of the workshop and the presentations here.