Short films about EPC What is Energy Performance Contracting? How does it work? And could it work for me? The partners in the EESI 2020 project (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria...
EPC is a proven model for modernizing mostly public buildings by ESCOs with guaranteed energy and cost savings. Nevertheless, a broad roll-out of EPC is being prevented mainly because of two...
Condensing the core experiences within EESI 2020, a concise position paper has been elaborated and published, which is addressed at EU level stakeholders and multipliers in the context of energy...

EPC practical info

EESI 2020 final report now available

The project "European Energy Service Initiative towards the EU 2020 energy saving targets" (EESI 2020), which was implemented between 2013 and 2016 by a consortium of European energy agencies or experts with support of the European Commission's Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, has been addressing ways to improve the impact of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in 9 European regions.

EPC training kit: for ESCo's and clients

The Transparense training kit is composed out of the following modules: 1° EPC basics, 2° EPC process (from Project Identification to Procurement) 3° EPC Process (from Contract to Guaranteed Savings) 4° EPC Financing 5° EPC Support Strategy

EPC training kit: for EPC-facilitator's

The EPC project facilitator supports the preparation and implementation of the project on behalf of the client, the building owner. This PowerPoint is a tool for training future EPC-project facilitators.

EPC training kit: for the Belgian EPC-market

The Belgian EPC-training modules developed by Factor4 consist out of the following modules: - Basics of EPC and technical aspects - Financial aspects of EPC - Juridical aspects of EPC - Maintenance aspects of EPC - EPC pre study

Facilitators Guideline for Energy Performance Contracting

One of the keys to success in EPC projects is involving a well-trained, experienced project facilitator, who supports the preparation and implementation of the project on behalf of the client, the building owner. As the role of the facilitator is still rather new in many European countries, the aim of the guideline is to provide energy experts who want to include EPC in the portfolio of their expertise with information on how to become an EPC-facilitator.

Handbook EPC for customers

This manual (8 pages) developed in the frame of the EESI 2020 project ( summarizes for EPC customers the basics of Energy Performance Contracting: what it is and how it works, for who it could be useful, the do's and don'ts and its benefits.

Call for Candidature documents 2013-12

Fedesco, a public ESCO owned by the Belgian government, is the initiator of the first Belgian "new generation" EPC-project. The building pool contains 13 offices, mainly used by the Ministry of Finance. The EPC-procurement documents (French and Dutch) related with the Call for candidature to the ESCO's were published on 16 December 2013 and inventarised here in the frame of the EESI 2020 project (

Frequently asked questions

The attached report made in the frame of EESI 2020 presents commonly asked questions of governments when developing their EPC-projects with Factor4, and the answers of Factor4 on these questions (in Dutch).

How to improve the integration of comfort in an EPC-project?

As the salary cost in an average office building is often more than 100 times bigger than the energy cost of this same building and as comfort performance has a significant effect on employee satisfaction and employee productivity, it is clear that the realization of good comfort should be a central objective of an EPC-contract. In the attached EESI 2020 report, a procedure is described that integrates comfort in an EPC-project via a comfort survey. The proposed approach increases the comfort performance of the building-pool, is cheaper than conventional technical approaches, can increase the energy cost saving and avoids costly, juridical discussions.

Basic principles of the Belgian EPC-contract

This updated document realised in the frame of EESI 2020 presents the main principles of the Belgian EPC-contract, developed on demand of Fedesco

Transparense business facilitation seminar

The report of the Transparense business facilitation seminar is attached

Overview press articles

An overview of the press articles about Transparense/EPC can be found in attachment

Overview presentations Transparense

An overview of the presentations performed by Factor4 in 2013-2015 in the frame of the Transparense project can be found in attached file

Overview of Transparense trainings

This document presents a short description of the trainings performed in the frame of Transparense

Maintenance in an EPC-project

This presentation developed in the frame of EESI 2020 describes the way how maintenance is integrated in the EPC-contract of Fedesco