Short films about EPC What is Energy Performance Contracting? How does it work? And could it work for me? The partners in the EESI 2020 project (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria...
EPC is a proven model for modernizing mostly public buildings by ESCOs with guaranteed energy and cost savings. Nevertheless, a broad roll-out of EPC is being prevented mainly because of two...
Condensing the core experiences within EESI 2020, a concise position paper has been elaborated and published, which is addressed at EU level stakeholders and multipliers in the context of energy...

EU Steering Committee

Members of the European steering committee are being informed about project activities, comment on the main outputs developed, with a focus on the Codes of Conduct and meet to discuss the strategic direction of the project.


The first meeting of the European steering committee in Berlin on 10 October 2013...

The Transparense EU Steering Committee consists of the representatives of the following institutions:

  • eu.ESCO
  • IEA DSM Task XVI c/o Energetic Solutions
  • The European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC)/EIB
  • Transparense project team

More info: Johan Coolen at Factor4 (, member of the European Steering Committee of the Code of Conduct, and Damir Staničić ( at Slovenian Jozef Stefan Institute, coordinator the Transparense Work Package 4 on Code of Conduct.