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The EPC Code of Conduct, which has been developed within the Intelligent Energy Europe project Transparense in cooperation with inter alia EPC providers, clients and European ESCO associations, defines the basic values (i.e. efficiency, professionalism and transparency) and principles that are considered fundamental for the successful preparation and implementation of EPC projects within European countries.

The EPC Code of Conduct will expectantly serve as a harmonized European quality standard of EPC projects, raise potential clients' confidence in the business model and thus lead to higher demand for the EPC projects. The list of the EPC Code signatories will be available online and largely promoted within the Transparense project activities (press releases, articles, national and international events).



EPC providers who become signatories of the EPC Code undertake to conduct EPC projects in compliance with the EPC Code. The EPC Code is a voluntary commitment of the EPC providers and is not legally binding.

If you would like to become an EPC Code signatory or you have questions about or remarks on the Code of Conduct, please contact Factor4,, 00-32-494729795.

The key-documents related with the Code of Conduct, can be downloaded here.